Facilities and infrastructure

The University of Verona is equipped with the required infrastructure in order support the LEF-BIOWASTE project. In particular, the lab of environmental and bioprocess engineering in Verona is equipped with the main analytical equipment to: analyse the conventional pollutants in wastewater and sludge; analyse the kinetics of the biotechnological processes (by automatic respirometry); analyse the quality of the recovered fertilizers.

Overview of the Treviso wastewater and waste treatment facility 

In addition, the University of Verona is in charge of the laboratory and pilot hall within the main wastewater treatment plant of Treviso (15 km far from Carbonera, where the WASTE2WATER plant will be built), where all the facilities to support the full scale start-up and operation are available. Finally, the University of Verona can use the main software of process simulation (i.e. ASIM 5.0, BioWin, etc), so as to best address the operation of the plant. The University of Verona (lab of Agricultural chemistry) has also the possibility to test the effect of compost and fertilizer on plant growth and nutrition both at lab and field scale through the use of ICP-MS (ionomic), software for the analysis of root morphology and equipment for deciphering modification at biochemical/molecular level determined by the treatment


Pilot hall facilities at Treviso WWTP


Sequencing batch reactor at the University of Verona

UASB reactor at the University of Verona


Sequencing batch reactor at Treviso pilot hall